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Top 10 Google Marketing Solutions Companies - 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affecting economies, industries and business across the globe, many organizations saw their advertising budgets reduced due to the uncertainty in the market. With the pending demise of the third party cookie, it is becoming more and more important for organizations to integrate and consolidate the capabilities of their Ad Tech and MarTech. While it may seem simple for many organizations, consolidation and integration of technology is far from that, and that is where the benefit of integrated ecosystems such as the Google Marketing Platform is effective in improving performance.

With data from Google, identifying that 61 percent of marketing decision makers saying that they struggle to access or integrate the data they need, by simply consolidating your digital marketing activities in a solution such as the Google Marketing Platform can give many organizations a competitive advantage over the competition.

With the growing capabilities of platforms such as Display & Video 360 (DV360) to support programmatic guaranteed deals, we’re expecting many advertisers to increase use of it as a buy type. Programmatic Guaranteed deals provide a number of efficiency benefits to go along with the security of knowing exactly what you’re paying for. With the benefits of personalization well-documented, it comes as no surprise that the latest round of research from the Boston Consulting Group reinforces the development of Digital Marketing Maturity for leaders to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness through personalization of their marketing. For organizations and agencies that want to start off strong, it’s important to take into consideration the digital marketing & ad trends, and how you will address them across your campaigns and overall strategy to maximize results. The Google Marketing Platform provides comprehensive solutions for many of these trends, in particular, through its consolidation and integration of platforms, so that organizations that are focused on improving the Digital Marketing Maturity of their organizations see the efficiency and effectiveness benefits in 2022 and beyond.

    Top Google Marketing Solutions Companies

  • Offers its namesake, proprietary no-code, consumer grade software, enabling business teams to connect, automate, and share real-time data in Google Sheets. Targeting SalesOps and MarketingOps, the software connects Google Sheets, with a single click, to any data source system, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Looker, Tableau, Redshift, NetSuite, and MySQL

  • Ceemi Agency is at the top of the curve in providing seamless and comprehensive marketing services that fit the needs and demands of its clients.

  • S3 Marketing Solutions has been recognized as Top 10 Google marketing Solution Companies by Marketing Tech Outlook. S3 Marketing Solutions offers a comprehensive marketing strategy that involves utilizing a combination of several different distribution channels and marketing methods. As one of the top digital marketing agencies, S3 Marketing Solutions specializes in creating digital and social media marketing, Google marketing strategies, and digital marketing optimization solutions to obtain the best results

  • Will Marlow Agency tries to understand their main goal and what they want to achieve with their advertising. Based on the assessment, devise an indepth strategy through a multi-channel approach that utilizes different advertising platforms, preferably Google Ads.

  • Leadfeeder


    Leadfeeder is a sales lead generation tool for B2B companies, helping convert promising visitors into sales leads. Leadfeeder connects to Client’s Google Analytics using the API and fetches data about website visitors. With Leadfeeder, clients can uncover the companies they are visiting their website, see which pages they are visiting and from what sources, and manage new leads by sending them to their CRM and the right team members

  • Marin Software

    Marin Software

    Marin Software’s mission is to give digital advertisers and agencies the power to optimize their paid marketing programs. MarinOne provides a unified platform for search, social, and eCommerce advertising. They help digital marketers convert precise audiences, win new customers, and make better decisions

  • MTA360


    MTA360 is a cutting-edge, full service marketing, advertising and training agency dedicated to assisting client’s company reach its highest potential. Their marketing campaigns and strategies, combined with MTA360’s businessspecific tailored sales training, have satisfied numerous clients from California to New York

  • PPC Protect

    PPC Protect

    PPC Protect improves campaign performance, revenue, and reach by automatically excluding invalid and fraudulent users across all channels. They automatically filter all types of click fraud from client’s PPC campaigns including bots, web scrapers, competitor activity, malicious devices, and more

  • RYNO Strategic Solutions

    RYNO Strategic Solutions

    RYNO Strategic Solutions provides digital marketing strategies designed to scale client’s home-services business - from HVAC to plumbing, electrical, and more. As a Google Premier Partner, their home-services experience and custom-tailored campaigns make them the best at what they do

  • Sparkline


    Sparkline empowers Fortune 500 companies to develop a practical, strategic and scalable approach to digital analytics. Through a range of customized consulting, education and in-house technology solutions, they focus businesses on digital maturity, capability building and data governance